COPE NYC is pleased to announce its 2016 Artist-in-Residence Program at the Old Pfizer Building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offering an abundance of materials and space for your creativity to take flight!

The Project: In the Spirit of CREATIVE REUSE, artists will be given the opportunity to turn an abundance of Pfizer Building discarded furniture and industrial materials into artworks. COPE NYC invites artists to create a body of work for the Brooklyn Community. The artwork can be designated for one of the businesses within the Pfizer building or the businesses and schools within the community. Selected College students will be sharing residence space with commercial artists known for their use of common place materials in their artwork.

Residency Dates: September 12th through November 4th

Location: Pfizer is situated at the crossroads of Williamsburg - the epicenter of Brooklyn, home to Bedford Stuyvesant historic brownstones, and a hub for talent including the popular new music performance venue, National Sawdust. Pfizer is host to over 50 businesses which include: Artists, Designers, Media, Music, Entrepreneurs, Hi-Tech, Fashion, Film, Office, Distributors, Retail, Non-Profits, and Food Companies.

Free Materials: COPE NYC is in partnership with Materials with the Arts, which is opening its doors to the artists in residence to make art from reusable materials along with the recycled materials at the Pfizer Building. All work is about creative reuse; no purchase of materials is necessary.

Mission of the COPE NYC PROJECT: Artists will apply their creative skills through reuse of materials in exciting ways for the benefit of the community.

Application Deadline: September 10th

Submit the following information to

 Participating College

 Professor’s name, telephone number, email address, address

Guidelines: Once materials are picked up, submit a Group Project Proposal, Maximum 300 words and sketch of what your group will create. The residency provides a free space, open to studio visits during specific times, free parking, 24/7 access, panel advisory and materials, tables and chairs. The artists in residence must bring their own tools. All tools to be used must be listed so that the building can be made aware in advance. Sign in sheet will be available at the front desk. The residency program includes showing work at one of the exhibitions in mid-November at the Pfizer Building. Artist in Residence are responsible for their materials.

Commercial Artists: Commercial artists known for their use of common place materials in their artwork have been selected for this artist in residence.

Guidelines: Once materials are picked up, submit a Project Proposal, Maximum 300 words and sketch of what your will create. The artist-in-residence must be dedicated to civic engagement.

*For artists who are not using materials from the building and plan to bring their own materials please put that in the proposal and what medium you will be using.

SAVE THE DATE: NOVEMBER 16 Creative Reuse Lunch Dialogue

Artists should be available on November 16 to share their work with the museum professionals, gallerists, collegiate institution with strong art departments, and art associations and the community at large during a dinner dialogue. Time to network with like-minded creative reuse conscious artists!

COPE NYC is not responsible for loss or damage of work.

 Participating Artists telephone number, email address, address